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The Natural System of Change

"In many ways innovators are astronomers in that they must make the stars align to make change across the world."


Blockchain. Innovation. How we got both of them wrong. An exploration of phase transition and self-reproduction in technological systems.


“If we were to create similar levels of visibility to the process of innovation, how would these observations impact the intentionality of how we invent?”

Permission to Fail


“If innovation in technology and biology is a game of process of elimination, the one that is faster to eliminate non-solutions, is the quickest to arriving to the solution or discovery.”


What My Baby and Innovation Have In Common: An Exploration of Non-equilibrium Open Thermodynamics in Technological Systems…and The Occasional Poopy Baby Diaper.

“In many ways you can never force creativity or invention, but you can understand the constraints and frameworks that facilitate the possibility.”

My Mother: The Best Entrepreneur


"This is a story of a person that left the comforts of the familiar to venture into the darkness of the unknown, facing the uncertainties and the battles deep within. A story about finding that trust in yourself, and discovering that unknowable thing that guides every small footstep you take into the deep fog."


A Mountain’s Vocalise

"As I sit atop this rock — as I stand still in time — The breath of nature’s wind blows through the vocal chords of the rustling leaves on the tree line singing earth’s song. It is a beautiful vocalise of long crescendoing and evanescing lyrical phrases. A composition only known by God, but only fully appreciated by those who choose to listen."


Into Solitude

"We have seen a world where a handful of brave discoverers can change the trajectory of our lives. Imagine what kind of world we can create if every single one of us on this earth is brave enough to lean into the contemplations, reflections, and explorations of our own solitude."


Granite of the Sky

"In its very own time, the morning sun rises to dust it’s rays amongst the sediment of the night. Layered upon the granite of the sky, contiguous with the memories of yesterday, it petrifies its permanence upon a fleeting moment. It is there, in the bedrock of time, that it lives in perpetuity for those who have the patience to unearth its beauty."

Invasive Technologies and Disruptive Species


"…invasive species create significant change in incumbent ecosystems not because of its incremental differences, but because of its asymmetries that completely redefine the value exchange in the ecosystem."

Assume You Are Wrong


"Always assume you are wrong. If you believe in the notion that the world is a perpetually evolving and growing thing, then you must naturally accept that what you believe to be true today could possibly be wrong tomorrow and is true in the reverse."


Capital and Calories:  An exploration of the dynamics and the environments in innovation systems that transform ideas into reality.

"In each system, there is a source of energy that fuels each iteration between Exploration and Exploitation; for organisms within a biological system this is the metabolic processing of Calories; and within technological systems, this tends to be the use of Capital."

The Wrong Conversation About Impact.

"We can no longer segregate venture and technologies based on their title as a “Social Enterprise” or not. It prevents enterprises that are making impact from being accountable to profitability and scalability, and it limits the permission for profitable ventures to make a meaningful impact."

Ecosystems: Building City Biota and Biospheres


"When using the view and approach of cities as ecosystems, it is important to be conscious of the biota role a city plays in the biosphere of globally networked cities."


All Saints Day

"We should pray that our love is so deep and so wide, that we extend our worry beyond where it is easy to love, to where it is the most difficult, where it is needed most. I pray that we may worry for those who are alone, those who are lost, and for those who are forgotten. That we may feel their pain, and we may be able to meet them where they are at, and in that we are able to truly be stewards of God’s boundless love.."


The Stillness of Light

" It is here, in its stillness, that our eyes are able to harvest the richness of God’s colorful canvas — a moment only made possible by the deep hues and chromatics of the pallet which paints His love, and our passion."


Upon The Water

"The ripples of our catch, here in these moments, shapes the water for the fisherman downstream. That what we achieve today, may not be known by name to any other, but will be felt amongst the flowing waters that feed the catch for others yet to come."

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